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I am a professional astrologer based in Dublin, Ireland. This site is both an exhibition space for my written work/ideas and a notice board for my consultation activities, talks, classes, workshops and courses and so on. The main contents focus on theoretical considerations for practising astrologers, mundane astrology, and the story of astrology in Ireland. Unless otherwise mentioned, the articles and work on this site are my own.

"Some of the smartest astrology anywhere on this planet today" - Richard Nolle, Arizona, USA.

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This Spring I will be running five one-day workshops to be held on Saturdays in my office at 10a Lower Camden St. Dublin. Each workshop will run from 10am-5pm and be limited to 10 participants. Extensive workshop notes will be provided.

The first workshop will cover planetary transits, and is suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of astrological symbolism. The four subsequent workshops will provide an in-depth look at the symbolism for the Sun, Moon and planets. These are suitable for beginners and intermediate level students. Each of the four workshops is 'self-contained'. In other words, there is no need or requirement to attend all four in order to make the most of any one workshop. There are however discounts available for those who wish to attend any four or all five of the workshops.

Here is the list of dates. Clicking on the workshop topics will take you to a page which contains descriptions of the material which each will be covering.

The fee for each individual workshop is 50 euro. Those who wish to attend all five workshops can avail of a 20% discount (total cost 200 euro). There is a 10% discount for those who choose to attend any four of the five workshops (total cost 180 euro).


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