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The Observer Observed part 2, page 3

The table below is part of what I found. No precession correction was employed. If you take the time to study the results given below, referring to the degree positions of the eclipse complex when necessary (listed above table), I think you will find some very appropriate symbolism connecting the transits and progressions to the events they correlate with. Remember that the radix horoscope is for a lunar eclipse which happened over 200 years ago. This is not a conventional way of using lunar eclipse charts, whose interpretative relevance is usually measured in months, or perhaps a year or two at most.

In the final part of this article, I will discuss the correlations presented in the above table. In doing so I will expand on some of the ideas mentioned in this text by fleshing them out in the form of an astrological picture or model. A central motif will be the concept of a vortex in a flowing stream. I'll be introducing the notion of structural coupling as a way of conceptualising the bonding which allows separate horoscopes to come together as a unity. Finally, I will be suggesting what I believe the three national horoscopes for Ireland in Campion's 'Book of World Horoscopes' actually represent.

Table of events in history of Irish Republicanism correlated with transits and progressions to the for October 12th 1791.

Eclipse complex:

Sun:18Li40  Moon:18Ar40  Mars:19Le09  Uranus:18Le09  Pluto:19Aq54

event planets
& points activated
transits/progs comments
United Irishmen Insurrection -
May 23rd 1798.
ASC (23Le32) E.complex pMA (23Le59)
tMA (20Aq00)
First major military campaign
Act of Union of Great Britain and Ireland January 1st 1801 00:00 London ASC (23Le32) AS/MC(1Ca21) E.complex tSA (23Le22r)
tUR (1Li54)
tMO (19Ca25)
tNE (18Sc44)
Integration of Ireland within the UK. Note the very apt tSA on the ASC, and the diffusion or confusion of rebellious energy implied by tNE to UR and MA.
First Irish Republican Brotherhood uprising
March 5th 1867
E.complex pASC (18Li40) IRB were forerunners of the IRA
IRB adopts first known Constitution of the Irish Republic August 18th 1869 E.complex tJU (20Ta)
tPL (17Ta59)
tMA (19Li)
tUR (19Ca56)
tNE (19Ar23)
A very strong set of transits. Note the t-square between MA,NE and UR, and the involvement of tJU in this idealistic but fanciful quasi-judicial act
IRB Supreme Council proclaims itself provisional government of the Irish Republic
March 17th 1873
E.complex tPL (19Ta13) An extreme act of revolutionary will by a secret militant organisation. tPL squ MA, UR, PL
Easter Rising; Proclamation of Independence April 24th 1916 Dublin 12:00 LMT SA (15Ar10 R) E.complex AS/MC(1Ca21) pSA(15Ar12)
tASC (20Le 23)
tUR (19Aq 20)
tPL (1Ca 32)
The key turning point. Sowed seeds for War of Independence 1919-1923.Note progressed 1791 eclipse chart Saturn Return. tUR con PL, opp UR, MA
Foundation of Irish Free State
December 6th 1922
E.complex tSA (17Li39)
tNE (18Le07)
Began during the confusion of a civil war. Contains 26 of the 32 counties in Ireland
Irish Constitution comes into effect
December 29th 1937
MC (9Ta09) tUR (9Ta53) This was done without fulfilling lingering obligations to the British Government.
Republic of Ireland begins
April 18th 1949
esp. MO (18Ar40)
SU (18Li40)
pSA (18Ar50)
pMC (18Li11)
Fulfilment of the aims set out in 1791 for 26 counties. Given the time frame, the progs. are astonishing.
Start of the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland 1968-69 AS/MC(1Ca21) E.complex tUR ~ 1-2 Libra
tSA 18-20 Aries
Uranus return of the 1801 Act of Union of Great Britain and Ireland. When Saturn was at 18Ar46, the N.Ireland PM gave his 'Ulster at the crossroads' speech.
'Bloody Sunday'
Jan 30th 1972
MC (9Ta09)
tPL (1Li51)
tUR (18Li18)
lunar eclipse (9Le39)
13 unarmed civil rights protestors shot dead by British paratroopers, causing huge influx into the IRA
Years prior to end of IRA military campaign 1992-3 E.complex
SA (15Ar10)
tUR (18-19 Cp)
tNE (18-19 Cp)
pVE (15-16 Ar)
A very difficult time when escalating atrocities coincided with secret peace talks.
IRA cease-fire announced August 31st 1994 11:05am Dublin ASC (23Le32)
SU/VE (24Li39)
MO/VE (24Ca39)
AS/MC (1Ca21)
MC (9Ta09)
pPL (23Aq26)
pJU (24Li34)
pSA (24Ar31)
tAS 23Li36)
tVE (23Li36)
tMO (1Ca35)
tSA (9Pi06)
tMA (9Ca25)
tSU (7Vi47)
tJU (9Sc43)
This is an extraordinary set of transits and progressions. Venus was exactly on the Ascendant when the announcement was made. The progressed Jupiter on the Sun/Venus midpoint is especially appropriate. At this time Pluto was also conjunct Venus in the traditional chart for Northern Ireland.
Canary Wharf bombing February 9th 1996 7:01pm London E.complex tNN (18Li42)
tMO (18Li51)
tSU (20Aq19)
Ends first IRA cease-fire. Cease-fire reinstated on July 20th 1997
Good Friday Agreement
April 10th 1998 17:36 Belfast
AS/MC (1Ca21)
VE (0Sc37)
tNN (1Li18)
pMO (29Li57)
The key event of the post IRA cease-fire peace process
Sinn Fein issue 'war is at an end' statement'. September 1 1998, 16:30 Belfast ASC (23Le32)
MC (9Ta09)
tVE (23Le37)
tUR (9Aq39 retr)
Sinn Fein are the political wing of the IRA
IRA state intention to put arms beyond use. May 6th 2000 E.complex tSA (19Ta52)
tUR (20Aq40)
The arms decommissioning issue reappeared at the beginning of 2001 as part of the final hurdle in consolidating peace. Uranus was back in the same degree area during that time.

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