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There is no shortage of interesting astrology sites out there on the web. There is also a mountain of rubbish. Rather than give an exhaustive list (which might deter you from using search engines as a divinatory tool!), I am including a few that I appreciate for various reasons, and a few that lead out of the astrology box into other related fields. It's an open ended list, so new additions will be made on a fairly regular basis.

Large sites devoted to astrology

Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie (CURA)
This site is one of the best sources for high quality articles on astrology which attempt to adhere to academic standards. The material is presented in four main sections: epistemology & philosophy; history; sociology; and applied astrology. One of the most admirable features of the site is the fact that many articles have been translated into French, English and Spanish. Apart from providing a platform for the international community of astrologers and those interested in the subject from other fields, the translations help to break down communication barriers and maximise accessibility to the works. There are further sections which contain book reviews, bibliographies, the Gauquelin archives + related statistical work, as well as commentaries on the writings of Nostradamus. The director of CURA is Dr Patrice Guinard, and his perspective is well represented, notably in the form of his doctoral thesis.

For an example of the material to be found at CURA, try Astrology, Hermeneutics and the Metaphorical Web by Aldo Mazzucchelli. Apart from anything else, it's an important piece of work that deserves a wider audience.

This really excellent site is directed by Deborah Houlding. Skyscript is positively overflowing with good quality material, whether one is a complete beginner or a seasoned professional. In fact, I would recommend it as a great place for anyone starting out on the road to discovering astrology. The online tutorials are from the top drawer, courtesy of Linda Reid. The site contains many well written articles on a wide range of topics from a variety of well respected authors, including of course Deborah herself. Her book on the 12 Houses, The Houses - Temples of the Sky, is made available in an electronic version and is the best I have read on the subject. There are biographies of key figures from the history of astrology, a forum for the exchange and discussion of ideas, reflections on the current astrological climate, and much more. Quite frankly, I haven't seen a better astrology site than this.

Astrodata Bank News makers section
The late Lois Rodden's site contains a wealth of information about birth data collection and astrological research. It also promotes the Astrodatabank software. I find myself visiting the site looking for the birth data of those who are in the news. The News Makers section has an extensive list with data reliability ratings and biographical information. One day I'll buy the software!

Individual astrologers

Juan Revilla's web site
Juan is an expert on the group of solar system bodies known as Centaurs, and his site reflects this interest. However, whether or not one is interested in Centaurs, there is much insightful material to be found on these pages. In particular the the notes on the nature of astrology are thought provoking and well worth a read.

Geoffrey Cornelius
In my view Geoffrey Cornelius's The Moment of Astrology is one of the most important books on the subject written during the 20th century. He doesn't have his own website, but the link above leads to an article - Psychoanalysis, Divination, Astrology - which is abridged from a talk given at the Philadelphia Association in 1991 and is located on the Company of Astrologers site. At the CURA website you can also access Is Astrology Divination and Does it Matter, an article by Geoffrey which covers some points made in The Moment of Astrology.

Gerry Goddard's Bookshelf
Gerry Goddard's articles have a strong philosophical and intellectual tone - they can't be described as light reading. At the same time the contents will provide much stimulating material for anyone who enjoys contemplating astrology's 'deep structure'. Metaphor or Archetype? ~ the nature of the astrological symbol is a good starting point. Gerry also writes about Transpersonal Theory, as in Stan Grof, Ken Wilber and others.

Pat Harris's Astrology Fertility site
This site contains details of Pat Harris's PhD research on the use of astrology to optimise the possibility of achieving successful conception. It also describes services and the kinds of advice which Pat can provide for those having difficulties in this regard. "Her research to date has identified astrological factors that can increase your likelihood of successful conception through assisted reproductive technology by as much as 21%". Definitely worth visiting if such issues are of concern. The research findings themselves should be of interest to astrologers generally, and are worth knowing about.

Garry Phillipson Astrology in the Year Zero
Prompted to some extent by the disarray in which modern astrology finds itself, Garry Phillipson set about interviewing well known astrologers to discover their thoughts on the subject. Several of the interviews which were eventually published in his book Astrology in the Year Zero are available online. Garry's own articles are also very interesting, in particular Astrology and the Anatomy of Doubt and Tales from Babel.

Darcy Woodall Elemental Astrology
This site contains two very informative articles for those interested in astrology's decline in the late medieval period and the challenges it faces in modernity: Hermetic Astrology from the Renaissance to the Early Modern Era and Astrology in a post-Copernican Context.

Astrology resources

Time Zones and changes
Accurate and up to date information about time zones for all countries, daylight saving changes and so on.

Zen and the Art of Debunkery
An amusing exposť of the disingenuity so beloved of those skeptics who see debunking as some sort of sport. I've placed the link in the resources section as it provides useful material for those who find themselves in 'dialogue' with that strange breed of rationalists who are blinded by their beliefs. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, as the saying goes.

Ireland and Irish astrologers

Sidereal Astrology Home Page
Mike Magee's home page contains many articles about sidereal astrology, and Cyril Fagan has a strong presence here. Especially in the material supplied by Kay Cavender, who has been particularly helpful to me regarding the collection of material for the Cyril Fagan Archive.

W.B.Yeats - A Vision
I'd like to thank Colin McDowell for informing me about Neil Mann's site. It is a very comprehensive work in progress which centres on the automatic writing experiments of W.B. and George Yeats (his wife). These eventually found form in Yeats's challenging and mysterious book, A Vision. This work has peripheral though significant astrological elements to it. The site covers a wide territory indeed, and is highly educational. An extensive bibliography is included as well as links to other sites. If you are interested in Yeats (whether W.B. or George) and the conceptual world they inhabited, this site will satisfy your appetite.

CAIN - Northern Ireland conflict, politics & society
There is a huge amount of unadorned information on this site. The chronology of events is particularly useful for astrologers interested in the affairs of Northern Ireland during the 'Troubles'. Visit the site map to get a good view of the voluminous contents.

Politics and Current Affairs

Foreign Policy in Focus - a think tank without walls
A liberal/progressive website which takes a critical look at US foreign policy. The bias is plain for all to see, but the contents are relatively measured in tone and always well informed. Good background information on the main players influencing US government policies, especially the neoconservatives.

The Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP)
This is the online presence of the quarterly magazine Middle East Report which contains a comprehensive range of articles about many facets of Middle East politics and societies. It provides good background material, commentary and current news analysis relating to major stories from the region while not ignoring the more obscure backwaters. I use it to try and balance the propagandised media stories that flood the newstands.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
FAIR, the American national media watch group, has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. As Big Brother gets bigger, organisations such as FAIR become crucially important.

Serious head banging

The Contemporary Theory of Metaphor by George Lakoff
This essay is a good introduction to the ideas of George Lakoff and others such as Mark Johnson who have developed a theory of conceptual metaphors as the basis of human understanding. Lakoff and Johnson's books Metaphors we Live by and Philosophy in the Flesh have been a major influence on the way I conceptualise astrology as essentially 'astrologer-centred'. The contents of this essay are easy to grasp and I would recommend that every astrologer or astrology student give it a read. Astrology makes more sense when considered in the light of conceptual metaphors and the role they play in the way humans organise their experience of reality.

Online Papers on Consciousness compiled by David Chalmers
This lot should put your brain cells through their paces. There are links to 1284 online articles which cover consciousness from both the scientific and philosophical angles. The general tone is academic, though the articles I have read are by no means inaccessible to intelligent lay persons with an interest in the territory. Astrologers who are focused less on what is happening in the heavens and more on what it is they are actually doing during the process of interpretation need to know the arguments flying round in this field. In which case, this site is a very useful resource. If you just want to dip in your toe, look for articles on A.N.Whitehead's process philosophy, with its implied panpsychism and the primacy attached to events as opposed to matter.

Symbols and Metaphors: Creating Reality - reflections on the origins of meaning
This is a very interesting site but again, it does not serve up light bed time reading. Here's a quote:

Mathematics, the Sciences, the Occult etc are all particular expressions of the SAME general patterns. Understand these generals and you can refine your understanding of the particulars and this includes seeing them as metaphors of varying degrees. ALL of these disciplines are 'self-contained' and the more 'precise' ones maintain a sense of 'purity' and so try to develop in 'asexual/androgyne' manners and so keep 'pure'. However they ALL share a common lexicon 'behind' the ones they create and this is in the form of patterns of emotion tied to object/relationship distinctions.

Chris Lofting's essay The Logic of the Esoteric explores in greater detail this idea of a neuro-cognitive template which underlies and to some extent modulates the experience of meaning generation. He uses the I Ching and astrology as examples, though the arguments work better for the former rather than the latter.

Open Semiotics Resource Center
This site is a gateway to articles and information on semiotics, which one might simplistically define as the study of signs. In my opinion, semiotics and certain aspects of cognitive science have much to offer in terms of developing understanding of the astrological process. To the uninitiated, semiotics is highly esoteric and it takes time to get a handle on the field. For those wishing to take the plunge, this is as good a place to start as any. Its mission statement is described as follows:

"The purpose of this site is to provide innovative, responsible and reliable knowledge in a variety of domains relevant to semiotics understood as the multidisciplinary study of information, meaning, communication, interpretation, sign systems and evolution, texts, interactions, organizations, cultural and social transformations, sense-making and all other topics that may emerge from future research, models and theories."

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